Most major copier companies offer various leasing arrangements, and the majority of business owners choose one of these options. Should you follow their lead? In most cases, the answer is yes. Leasing a copier offers several advantages over purchasing the same equipment.

The Benefits of Leasing Printers/Copiers

While owning your own equipment often seems like a great idea, there are a lot of benefits to leasing. Here are some of the top reasons you might want to consider a lease agreement over an office purchase:

  1. Little To No Upfront Cost. Businesses that choose to lease a copier pay no upfront expense. They simply make a monthly payment, which is predictable and makes for easier budgeting. This an ideal option for businesses that don’t have the immediate cash flow to cover a copier purchase.
  2. Access To Higher Quality Copiers. Even if your business can afford to purchase a copier, that doesn’t mean that it should. Not shelling out $50,000 into a copier purchase means that you have money free to invest in other office upgrades (such as improved network connections).
  3. Access To The Latest Copier Technology. Choosing an office copier lease allows you regular access to the ever-changing tech advances. So, the shorter lease commitment lets you more routinely explore newer and better technology.
  4. Access to Improved Security. Keeping older equipment because you’ve bought it outright can be a security threat to your network. Understanding the cybersecurity risks of printers is critical to maintaining your network security.
  5. Fewer Costs Over Time. Choosing a lease option lets you replace an older and slower copier more quickly, so your business isn’t sinking money into old equipment.
  6. Tax Savings. Over time, a lease also saves you money on taxes. Your monthly lease payments are a pre-tax business expense, which means that they are tax-deductible (and you can deduct the entire payment each month.)

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