Multifunction Printers and Copiers

Copy, print, scan and fax…
all with a single machine!

Businesses need to do more with less these days. Despite the transformation from analog to digital, and the transformation from offline to online, documents still form a major part of the backbone for most businesses.

Many of us still print and copy documents to:

  • Collaborate on the latest ideas
  • Create marketing collateral
  • Place purchase orders
  • Invoice customers
  • Run operations
  • Generate work instructions
  • Prepare shipping documents

The list goes on and on. While having single function machines can be useful in specific departments or job functions, multifunction printers can help eliminate clutter, redundancies, and inefficiencies in many cases.

A multifunction printer (MFP) is a highly versatile, “all-in-one” machine, offering an unprecedented combination of high-speed productivity, spectacular image quality, and proven reliability with cost-effective operation. As your office technology partner, we offer an impressive selection of the latest multifunction print/copy technology to meet all the document demands of your business.


  • Increase the amount of available floor-space
  • Integrate to software and applications
  • Improve efficiency by completing multiple tasks at once
  • Reduce overall costs


  • Create bottlenecks
  • Lead to service issues (e.g. the unit isn’t built to support print volumes)
  • Add to environmental waste
  • Create maintenance costs that exceed the initial cost of purchase

Data Collection, Consultant Support and Training 

When it comes to your printing requirements, having the optimal mix of printers and copiers is essential to effectively run your business and minimize your recurring costs. It’s not just a printer and it’s definitely not just a copier!

We both sell and lease multifunction copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers, and even wide-format printers.

Here’s how we start our assessment process:

Step 1. Consultation. Our consultants can help analyze your present and future needs and will assess your current devices and print needs.

We’ll review information such as:

  • How many pages do you print a month?
  • What finishing capabilities do you need? (e.g. Stapling, Booklet Makers, etc.)
  • What paper sizes are you printing on? (A3 v A4)
  • Do you need a fax line or fax cloud application?
  • Do you have any monthly, quarterly, or annual printing spikes?
  • How much of your printing needs to be in color?
  • Did you know color printing can be up to 10x more expensive per page than mono?
  • What print controls are you currently using or could you start using to reduce cost and waste?
  • Do you have to follow any printing regulations such as HIPAA?
  • Do you have mobile workers that need to print and copy?
  • Would you like to reduce the amount you print and improve your office efficiency?

Step 2. Data Collection Installation. After the initial consultation and installing our data collection agent (DCA) on your network, we perform a print assessment and start to make recommendations for your optimal setup and budgeting for recurring costs.

Step 3. Review. Our data collection agent will review all facets of your business’ current workflow and device set-up, and review critical information such as:

  • Lease vs. Buy
  • New vs. Refurbished
  • OEM Supplies vs. Aftermarket
  • Document Management Systems

Step 4. Training and Support. Once our experts match you with the perfect system, we’ll train your staff on how to maximize all the features/tools you need to be productive.

Devices and Special Features

We offer a wide selection of equipment in a variety of sizes, speeds, and duty cycles, including:

  1. Color and B&W Multifunction Printers. Also referred to as Copiers or Multifunction Devices, multifunction printers, scan, fax, and connect to cost-reducing apps and other software to improve the efficiency of your office.
  2. Laser Printers. Laser printers leave a small footprint, modest upfront cost, while providing accessible, efficient, high-quality prints.
  3. Inkjet Printers. Typically, inkjet printers offer a small footprint, low upfront cost, accessible, fast, high-quality color and B&W prints.
  4. Wide Format Printers. Wide Format Printers are the go-to for printing, scanning and copying large format banners, posters, maps, blueprints, etc.
  5. Integrate Copiers With Document Management and Other Applications. Scan using your copiers and then allow them to do the rest. Your document management system connects directly with your device to ensure documents are sent to the proper location and categorized accordingly. With simple file naming conventions and one-touch routing buttons, the process of storing and accessing documents can be greatly improved. It’s that easy! We can also integrate a managed IT services plan to include your print devices for quick diagnosis and recovery.
  6. Go Green (Increase Energy Efficiency). Today’s multifunction printers and copiers are energy efficient and come with more options for setting print controls to reduce paper usage. The devices are also eco-friendly, designed to help your office shrink its footprint and help the environment.

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