A truly effective document management solution will store, manage, and track document records to maximize resources. Almost every organization utilizes paper documents, file folders, file cabinets, and photocopiers as a part of their daily process and workflow…

But, here’s the problem: These paper-based systems have created inefficiencies and productivity losses in day-to-day operations.

Did you know?

The average time spent looking for a document is 18 minutes
Up to 5% of a company’s files are lost
Paper volume typically doubles every 3 years (so your filing systems are forced to keep pace)

The Benefits of a
Document Management System

A strategic, well-organized document management system will:

  • Reduce storage space (through digital conversion of hard copies)
  • Centralize your information
  • Improve search functionality (and reduce search time)
  • Provides back solutions to reduce loss or damage
  • Improve compliance
  • Provides confidentiality and sensitive data by eliminating unsecured document communications
  • Reduce waste and improve environmental benefits

Our Consultative, Hands-On
Approach to Document Management

We like to think that the true success of a document management system lies in collaboration. We’ll work with you to best understand your organizational needs so we can put a system in place to help satisfy your goals.

Here’s what you can expect:

Phase 1. Assessment & Advice. Our experts will work with you to map your requirements into equipment, workflow, and service/support recommendations.
Phase 2. System Implementation. After assessing your business document workflow, we put together an efficient document management system tailored to your needs.
Phase 3. Cost Controls. We’ll review your budget and help tailor a plan to identify cost-saving opportunities. We’ll also monitor usage by device, department, or even employee.
Phase 4. Security Implementation. Have peace of mind knowing that all your networked and mobile-accessed printers, copiers and systems have robust security for employees in the office, working from home, or on the road.
Phase 5. Document Workflow. Have our solutions specialists connect your hard copy documents with your business applications and IT systems to improve productivity.
Phase 6. Service & Support. Experiencing technical issues or roadblocks? No problem! Speak with one of our professionals who can accurately diagnose any issue you are experiencing and quickly troubleshoot the problem or dispatch a technician to keep your organization running.

Our Document
Management Solution

From equipment recommendations to developing a centralized document-capture system with security you can count on — we have the right document management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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