Managed Print Services (MPS) is a cost-saving program which allows our account representatives to conduct assessments, monitor print usage, and work with you to create an effective print policy that eliminates wasteful prints and reduces cost.

We want to make sure that your printing and imaging fleet is a business asset. Our goal is to help improve productivity and reduce hard costs by as much as 30%.

Your IT and administrative staff don’t have the time to manage your fleet – we get it! MPS will save your organization time and money, allowing your employees to focus on their top priorities. MPS reduces the burden to your team while our certified and trained professionals perform these tasks daily. Overall, MPS brings efficiency, savings, and peace of mind by:

Evaluating cost and recommending cost saving measures regarding equipment and print policies
Automatic supply monitoring and replenishment
Proactive monitoring
Remote and on-site service

Powerful Information about
Your Printing Environment

Our MPS solutions collect critical information from your networked printers, MFP’s and fax machines such as:

  • Current status
  • Serial asset numbers
  • Supply levels
  • Printer locations
  • Utilization
  • Page counts
  • Cost-per-page tracking
  • Automated service alerts


While the Managed Print Services program provides comprehensive data about your print environment, the good news is that it’s a simple process to get started.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Installation. Our monitoring software can be installed on a single, localized workstation in under five minutes.

Step 2. Analysis. The software runs as a Windows service in the background, collecting, and transmitting critical imaging metrics to our secure web server.

Step 3. Recommendation and Implementation. Our consultants and SMEs work with your team to design an ideal print environment and a plan for implementation. This includes recommendations that will help reduce cost and increase productivity, including equipment reduction or replacement (some older units may be costing you a fortune and some may be so underused they aren’t needed at all), print policy, long term environmental goals, and more.

Step 4. Regular Business Reviews. From then on, we will review your print environment with you on a regular basis to help you continue to improve, and your printer information will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a secure website.

No personal or user data is collected with the software— only the core metrics needed to maintain and manage your printing assets are gathered. With this powerful business intelligence, you can take control of your print environment.

Contact us today to schedule your free analysis and learn more about the business benefits of Commonwealth Technology’s Managed Print Services.

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