Staying Calm in Times of Crisis

We’ve all been through challenging times personally and professionally, and in our heads and hearts, we know that “this too shall pass.” But with the COVID-19 virus being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the time in which things pass may be longer than we’d like. Your business’ success is dependent on security of your data. While the future is uncertain, the security threats that arise from global fear and remote working pose large opportunities in a time of crisis… for cyber criminals.

Cyber Crime – On The Rise

Since the beginning of this serious issue, security analysts have seen a massive uptick in criminal activity including:

  • A rise in phishing emails taking advantage of the fear of the coronavirus by spoofing well-known organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Malicious virus-tracking maps that infect those trying to keep tabs on the virus’ movement
  • An increase in cyber attacks on vital agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

With your employees looking to you for work from home support, understand that human security is crucial now more than ever. We must account for the fact that employees are surrounded by more distractions in this scenario. They are therefore more likely to let their guard down when in the comfort of their own home.

Employee Security – A Top Concern

Do you trust your end-users to verify payment requests, take device security seriously, and properly identify phishing emails without coworkers to consult? Can you afford an employee slip up? It’s no question that you should be hyper-focused on employee security when transitioning your business from an onsite to a remote work environment. Keep your employees informed on how to work remotely and ensure that your data is safe and protected even when workers are remote.

Data – Ensure Yours is Safe

This is not a time to panic, but a time to be calm. It’s critical times like these when you need to keep your business protected from the other unseen factors that can threaten it. Hackers and viruses have this in common – they attack without being seen. They will sneak up on you in unexpected and varying ways. What can you do? Rely on your technology service provider to be the conduit that prepares you any potential attack. Technology solution providers understand the unique challenges that go together with working remotely like fostering open communication, ensuring work-life balance, and overcoming security challenges to nurture a happy, productive, and diverse workforce. That means your technology solution provider can give you solid human security solutions so that you can focus on your business, employees, and their communities. Visual Edge IT is a technology solution provider committed to helping companies making this transition. Together we can protect you from the inside-out and do our part in fighting the economic and security threats of COVID-19. 

Reposted with permission from the original publisher.