Business cybersecurity 101 - photo of lock in tech web

Business security 101

It is an investment in both time and resources. But they are worth both. This is one of those times when the work you do now will save you considerable time, money, and grief in the long-run. Consider this: 67% of small and midsize businesses (SMB) experience cyber attacks...
Man wondering if he knows all about disaster recovery terms.

Do You Know These Disaster Recovery Terms?

Familiarize yourself with the commonly used disaster recovery terms listed in the blog and you’ll be better equipped to deal with an unfortunate disaster.
BDR plan being written by a team of people.

5 Things to Include in a BDR Plan

It’s essential for your organization to have a BDR plan in place to ensure the protection and recovery of important business data and resources.
Managed Services are here to stay, thanks to this lady on a laptop.

Why Managed Services Are Here to Stay

Businesses need profitability year after year. But they need reduced expenses. That’s where managed services comes in.
Two older men looking at a tablet

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Managed Security Services

There is a looming threat to your business, and it’s unseen and it’s always there.
Good disaster recovery testing is crucial to business continuity.

3 Steps to Successful Disaster Recovery Testing

Although the full methodology of disaster recovery testing is too much information for one blog post, here are 3 basic steps you can take to prepare for successful disaster recovery testing.
Disaster recovery for IT

How Disaster Preparation Pays Off

Here’s a hypothetical situation: your company has been recently hit with ransomware. What do you do?
Business backup plan

How to Combat Murphy’s Law in IT

In life, things go wrong all the time. No matter how perfectly things come together, there’s always room for unexpected surprises.
Business Continuity

How Having a Business Continuity Policy is Vital

Why would you want to pay for something now that might not happen later? The simple truth is that if it can happen, it likely will.