Technology is essential to the future of remote working


  1. Remote working has grown exponentially since the coronavirus pandemic hit.
  2. Many think the work-from-home (WFH) culture is here to stay.
  3. It’s important to invest in technology that can increase productivity for WFH employees.
  4. For SMBs who are dealing with a remote workforce, there are resources available to help them navigate the many challenges.


The growth of remote working has catapulted since the threat of a global pandemic began earlier this year.  It is likely that even as the virus subsides, the nation’s workforce may be changed for good. Remote working is predicted to remain at high levels due to the long-term implications of Covid-19.

Businesses can help their remote team by providing useful tools and resources to manage daily tasks, communications, and critical projects. Doing this helps the small and midsize business (SMB) reach their goals and improve productivity.

A recent article from ZDNet talked about the importance of having adequate technology for remote workers. In the beginning of the pandemic, business owners were more concerned about keeping the business going and weren’t as worried about top-level productivity. But now SMBs realize that remote working is not a temporary situation. Many are looking at ways of improving technology, including data security and productivity.

One study cited in the ZDnet article reported that 72 percent of business leaders planned to make additional investments during the next year to support a productive remote workforce.

Those business leaders said they were already beginning to pinpoint priority strategies and technologies for the next two years. The future of remote working will include updating company-wide policies, automating remote-network operations or investing in digital-security technology and software.

Total office technology solutions for the home office

Visual Edge IT offers secure remote access with communication and collaboration solutions for SMBs to keep their businesses running and their remote staff productive and reliable no matter where they are. Some of the VEIT services include:

  • Access from external computer to office computer, files, folders and applications
  • Anti-virus, ransomware and hacker protection
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and proactive management and problem resolution
  • 8am to 5pm unlimited remote service desk end user support services
  • VPN to secure access for remote workers
  • Data backup to ensure security of data

You can find many coronavirus business resources at Visual Edge, including our white paper, “The Age of the Remote Workforce” to help your small or midsize business navigate the days ahead.

Contact us if you would like to talk about the needs of your remote workers. Visual Edge IT has a proven process for getting remote offices up and running. We’ll guide you through a series of questions to determine your needs and improve your remote workers’ productivity.