Man and woman deciding whether to get managed IT services.

How to Tell if You Need Managed IT Services

Maybe your employees handle their own information technology issues. Perhaps you employ one or more IT technicians. At a certain point, though, a small or midsize business outgrows these approaches.

If your business has reached that stage, you need a third-party team of experts to manage your IT infrastructure, handle upgrades, install new pieces of hardware and correct problems. How do you know when you’ve reached that phase?

When you notice any of the following signs, it’s good to get a managed IT services provider on the horn.

1. You’re Not Prepared for the Apocalypse

Are you ready for an emergency in which you lose access to your data for some period of time due to hacking, an outage or another predicament? Worse yet, what would happen if all of your data were erased permanently? Would your business still be able to function?

For a typical small or midsize business, every hour of downtime means a loss in revenue ranging from $8,000 to $74,000.

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Be aware, too, that state and federal regulations often require businesses to devise such emergency plans.

A managed IT services company can put together a disaster plan for you, one that will include a comprehensive data backup program. That way, if you’re ever unable to reach your original databases, you’ll still be able to utilize your data and offer customers uninterrupted service.

2. Your IT Pros Are Frazzled

Even if you employ multiple IT professionals, they could still get overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects they’re tasked with. In fact, according to a 2015 survey from the IT company Spiceworks, these professionals work 52 hours per week on average.

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Plus, information technology is constantly changing. IT pros must stay on top of the latest developments by studying on their own or attending workshops and conferences.

Therefore, look for signs of burnout within your IT department. Maybe these employees seem more irritable, tense or deflated than they used to. Perhaps they’re routinely making errors, and you’ve been noticing lots of computer viruses or pieces of broken equipment lately. Maybe these staff members are taking more days off than before.

A managed IT service would greatly alleviate your staff members’ workloads. That company could continuously monitor your network, provide you with all necessary patches and tackle any other duties you need it to. Your full-time IT specialists would then be free to handle various special assignments.

3. Your IT Budget Is Swelling

Information technology solutions can really sap profits. You might have a hard time affording the salary and benefits package of an IT professional, especially if you’ve just launched your business. On the other hand, maybe you’re just relying on calls to a local IT company whenever problems arise. Those visits, however, can be enormously expensive in their own right.

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Fortunately, managed IT services represent a highly affordable alternative. You simply pay reasonable, regular installments to such a company. If a technology-related emergency arises, it won’t lead to a spike in your IT expenses. Instead, your IT service will be ready to clear away the issue quickly and efficiently.

Let’s sum up. With inadequate technical assistance, any given workday could be brought to a standstill by a virus, malfunction, improperly installed program or other setbacks. But with managed IT services, your tech will never hold you back.

Thanks to this trusty support, your company and its technology can sail smoothly together into a bright horizon.

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