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Thursday, NOV. 10, 2022
2:00 PM ET – 1:00 PM CT – 11 AM PT

IT Experts from across the country have come together again this year to bring you new terrifying tales they’ve seen and teach you how to avoid becoming the next victim of an IT Horror Story!

Seats are limited, so reserve your spot now for a frightening, fun hour of scary tech stories and what you can do to avoid starring in one.


Ben Skeat

Training Specialist,
Visual Edge IT

Passionate about people and equipping them for success, Ben Skeat supports the training needs of Visual Edge IT’s Western Region. He has an extensive background in business technology sales as well as non-profit work.

Maurice D. Wilcher

Solutions Architect and Design Team Lead, Visual Edge IT

A technical team leader with more than 20-years’ experience in the IT industry, Maurice has applied knowledge for troubleshooting systems, networking, cybersecurity, business analysis, and technology policies and procedures.

Mike Holler

Vice President Managed Services Sales, Visual Edge IT

A 20+ year veteran of supporting the technology needs of all types of organizations, Mike Holler is uniquely experienced and creative in helping businesses meet the constantly evolving business challenges they face.

Peter Avery

Director of Security, Visual Edge IT

From the server room to the expert witness stand, Peter Avery has touched nearly every type of technology in his thirty years helping businesses become safer and more productive in the ever changing landscape of technology.


They’re Here… 

A small architecture and engineering firm is visited by ghosts – err, hackers – in their outdated computers. At first, the old PCs appear unassuming, and the partners transfer content to the cloud before the relics are replaced with new computers. The situation turns nasty when the the system spooks terrorize the firm and “disappear” their vulnerable customer information. Will the team of paranormal PC investigators, be able to face down the apparitions and retrieve the missing data?


Are you doing enough to thwart hackers’ interdimensional malevolent plans? Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) are a gateway to another, more sinister dimension – a doorway that digital demons will use to release evil upon on your network. Though the news has been out for years, too many businesses remain unaware of the threat lurking beneath the surface. Your printer may be possessed, and a new era of evil can be visited upon your network. Who you gonna call?

Deadly Desktop Demon

In the far reaches of an unsuspecting network, a cybersecurity crew on-boards a device until they receive a distress call…an alien one. Unknown to them, they will soon encounter the most terrifying creature in the universe: The Ransomware Hacker. Find out what happens when a hacker infiltrates an entire company via a remote desktop protocol, allowing the deadly desktop aliens to bypass all protection systems.  All alone in cyberspace, no one can hear you scream…

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