The 4 Major Reasons Your Business Needs Data Backups

In years past, it wasn’t standard for companies to have data recovery plans. However, this has changed drastically for the modern business landscape. Companies worldwide are expected to have functional backup solutions that work flawlessly when needed.

There are four primary reasons that your company needs a data backup plan in place.

Your Hardware Will Fail

Even with all the technological advancements we’ve seen in computers within the past decade, component failure is still a problem. And when these physical components fail, you experience a considerable amount of downtime.

A power supply failure is a completely separate issue than a dead graphics card. But when your hard drive fails, you experience something much worse than downtime.

You experience data loss that can deeply set your company back, depending on how much critical information the drive held. And with 96% of all business workstations not being backed up, it’s more than likely that you are at high risk of being a data loss statistic yourself.

All hard drives are not created equal. Just like with many other products, there are those that are far more durable – and those that break quickly. In short, it means that if you have an older computer with a low-quality hard drive, you should be prepared for the worst.

You don’t need to run around replacing your hard drives just yet. Having a backup solution in place means that even if your hard drive were to suddenly fail, you could restore the backed up data from it onto a new hard drive quickly and efficiently.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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