Many wise business owners have decided to take on a sustainable and eco-friendly printing strategy. There are many reasons why companies decide to change their printing habits. The reasons are to:

  • Conserve energy and protect the environment
  • Run a green office
  • Reduce monthly and annual basis costs
  • Free up storage space
  • Attract business
  • And much more

If you are a business owner who would like to start lowering your printing costs then you need to know all of the things that effect your printing budget. Some of these things are:

  • Costs of purchasing your printer
  • Costs of purchasing ink for the printer
  • Costs of purchasing paper for the printer
  • Costs of operating the printer (energy costs)

In order to save money on printing companies need to consider every aspect of printing costs.

To do this:

  • They should strive to purchase a budget friendly printer that is energy efficient and comes with an economy mode.
  • They should use double sided printing and send everything electronically.
  • They should only print what is absolutely needed.
  • They should turn off the printer when they go home.
  • And they should recycle ink cartridges.

Do all of these things and you will see a reduction in your printing costs!

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