Third Party IT is Best Left to Experienced Providers

Your organization functions on a day-to-day basis by utilizing its technology. It’s an inescapable fact; in the modern business landscape, bypassing the use of technology in a company’s operational environment is impossible. What exactly does this environment entail?

For starters, it includes all of the software that a company uses. It also comprises all of the physical hardware that they use (this includes servers, firewalls, routers, computers, and more). Additionally, the IT environment contains standalone devices such as multi-function printers, phones, fax machines, and scanners.

In practice, your business relies heavily on this technology. Who exactly is best suited to handle the management of all of your IT?

A third-party managed service provider.

Here are three major reasons as to why leaving your IT to an experienced third-party provider is the best choice for your company:

Cost of In-house IT

Many companies think that having a dedicated team of in-house IT support is the most cost-effective option. However, this is simply not true. When hiring for an IT position in your company, you will need to ensure that your candidate is well qualified and extremely competent.

Candidates with many years of experience require a salary that scales with their overall technical knowledge and number of relevant certifications. They also require benefits such as health insurance, continued education, and recertification, and paid time off. Though it depends on the size of your organization, it is unlikely that a single in-house IT employee will suffice.

With a third-party IT provider, you can leverage the knowledge of experienced technicians and engineers for your business, and only pay a fraction of the price for it.

Ineffective Overseas Outsourcing

Businesses often choose the cheapest third-party IT that they can find. Often, this leads them to outsource their services overseas where costs are exceedingly low. While this is not inherently a bad practice, it usually means that the IT support that the company receives will be at the bottom tier.

These inexperienced technicians can often cause more harm than good. Without more than a cursory knowledge of your systems, a systems engineer can disrupt files and configurations simply because they aren’t aware of how your organization operates.

Time difference can also be a factor in the effectiveness of support. On average, overseas IT support will be in a 10-12 hour time difference. If your company needs help in the afternoon, you may need to wait for technicians and engineers to come into their office. In short, if you operate on a schedule where your day ends where theirs begins, you may run into delays of service and missed communications.

Professional Guarantees

A major distinguishing factor between inexperienced and professional third-party IT services is their service guarantees. Inexperienced and amateur IT service providers will not provide complete guarantees to cover themselves in the event of something going wrong.

On the other hand, professional third-party IT services will lay out a structured implementation plan. These plans will cover the exact guarantees offered, such as uptime guarantees and hardware replacement policies, and service level agreements.

An Experienced Third-Party IT Provider

Your business needs professionals to handle its technology. With Visual Edge IT, you’ll get the experienced technicians you need without overspending your IT budget. We’d love to help you grow your company. To find out how exactly we can assist you, contact us today.