The Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Managed Multi-Function Printing

Making the switch to multi-function printing is highly beneficial to your organization. Multi-function printers (MFPs) provide key benefits that help your company in many ways. These benefits include:

1. Pure Convenience

It’s hard to justify the purchase of a device for a feature that you may not use much. For example, you may want to have fax capabilities, but you may not have much use overall for them. With multi-function printers, you have the freedom to use additional features without explicitly needing them, making the product more convenient overall.

Aside from features, MFPs are inherently convenient in their features. If you need to scan something, you don’t have to run it through a scanner, and then to a PC, and then back to a printer. It’s all done on one machine.

2. More Free Space

In an office, floor space is somewhat limited. Instead of having to allocate space for a copier, printer, fax machine, and scanner, you can simply have the same 3 or 4 key functions within one device with one footprint. Though not something many companies consider, use of space can play a huge role in the presentation of the office. Having too many little-used devices around the office can quickly build up clutter, make the office feel crowded for your team and look disorganized overall.

3. Take Less Time

We’re sure you’ve heard the famous saying “time is money”. Well, with an MFP, you can save more of your productive time. It’s also important to note that 57% of companies rely on a shared standalone printer/copier. Consider how long it takes to scan, print, fax, and copy documents from different machines – not to mention learning, maintaining, troubleshooting and servicing them all. Now, consider how much more time-efficient having all of those features in one device is; the difference is staggering. Employees of your company gain back precious time to be more efficient overall.

4. Save Money

Since an MFP does the job of multiple machines. Therefore, it should be obvious that they save you money versus acquiring and managing a bunch of machines. It’s not unusual for multi-function printers to incur more initial cost to purchase than their single-function counterparts, but they save money overall in supplies, maintenance, service, and support.

After all, a repair technician only needs to visit long enough to fix one machine, rather than to tend to multiple devices.

5. Reduced Power Consumption

When it comes to power, MFPs aren’t greedy. They only need one power cord per unit. What does that mean for your business? It means that you’ll have less cable clutter in your office. It also means that you will cumulatively utilize less power overall, which translates to more cost savings and a greener office overall.


Multi-Function Printers Are Made for Your Business

If you’re using a single-function printer, you are simply wasting extra money, space, and time. MFPs offer all of the benefits of individual devices with the advantage of one convenient, powerful and effective package. We recommend partnering with a company that understands your business and will help you choose the best device for your organization. We have locations throughout the US and can provide you with the best equipment and services for your needs.