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The Top 5 Reasons You Need Managed Security Services

There is a looming threat to your business. It’s unseen and it’s always there. Sure, that sounds like a bad infomercial for athlete’s foot, but there really is no other way to approach the wide world of cyberthreats. They are persistent, and they are only getting more effective as time goes on.

When running a company, defending against them becomes a pretty significant challenge. Do you hire on full-time IT staff to give you the flexibility to adapt to new methods of hacking? Or do you take your chances with what you’ve got? For many businesses, managed security services is the answer.

So, why outsource your cybersecurity? We talk to businesses every day who ask this question. It boils down to five fundamental reasons.

Your employees are your biggest threat

While it may not be that your employees are malicious, trying to take down your business from the inside, hackers need someone to open the door for them. And it’s consistently shown that employees are that someone, whether or not they intended to be.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. With managed security services, your provider can do a few things that limit the capacity for any single employee to do significant damage. Whether it’s creating a new file-sharing architecture, implementing limited-privilege protocols, or creating identity-management procedures, your provider can help you rethink data access protection.

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Firewalls and antivirus aren’t enough to fully protect you

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-and-done situation. A halfway decent hacker can break through any standard barrier. Therefore, the key to good cybersecurity is in layers. By compiling layers of data protection over your network, you slow break-in to a halt, making the attack hardly worth the effort.

Your managed security services provider can set you up with unified threat management firewall protection, local antivirus software, patch management, documented security best practices, sensitive data encryption, intrusion detection and prevention, and category-based web filtering.

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You need eyes on your network

How much control of your network can you expect to have if you don’t know what happens within your network? The ideal scenario gives you constant monitoring to give you that knowledge base. With managed security services, you enjoy threat and vulnerability reporting along with your 24/7 monitoring.

With detailed traffic analysis, you know who’s doing what within your network anytime you need. No alarms and no surprises – simply good oversight.

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You need ongoing consulting and recommendations

Things change, and your ability to adapt to change is essential for business continuity. This is the key to strategic IT planning. How can you stay on top of cyberthreats while having technology that gives you flexibility in achieving your goals?

Good strategic IT planning means you incorporate ongoing consulting and technology recommendations from your managed security services provider. As your business advances and grows, so does your technology.

Both you and your clients need peace of mind

When dealing with the personal data of your customers, the risk of a data breach is certainly material. And it’s also reputational.

Consider the Facebook data scandal and the subsequent #deletefacebook campaign: That’s a potential 50 million dissatisfied customers.

When personal data is on the line, the integrity of your system should be a point of pride, giving both you and your customers peace of mind.

This is where Visual Edge IT comes in. Talk to us today about managed security services and your business.

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