One of the primary aims of your business should be to grow it. Whatever size of business you currently have, you will have IT needs. As you grow, so too will those needs.

When it comes to IT support, you should adopt a proactive approach rather than waiting for your systems to break down.

This is where small business IT support comes in. IT support is there to help you manage your IT needs. But what exactly do IT support companies do, and why should you use one?

In this article, we’ll talk about the role of the IT support specialist and how they can be of benefit to your business.


When a business is either new or quite small, it can be hard to find the money or the resources to have your own in-house IT department. Often, when this is the case, it falls on unqualified shoulders to carry the burden of IT support.

Where this is the case, it means that your team is not doing the jobs that they are paid to be doing. They are instead probably spending more time worrying about IT than they should be.

Your own team members might be spending their time worrying about making sure everyone has a working login for your systems, updating software, and taking care of IT security.

This means that you will have inadequate IT support and weakness in the area that your team should be working. All of this is bad for business.

Where there is no IT department in a company, a reactive model is often adopted. When it comes to IT this can be more costly as you are putting your security at risk.

By hiring an IT support company, you can free up your team so that they can work on the tasks that they are assigned to. This will lead to a more productive workplace where everyone can do their own jobs and not have to worry about additional responsibilities.


Nearly two-thirds of small businesses come under attack from one form of a cyber-attack or another. This means that you are always at risk from cybercriminals at all times. It is therefore essential that you invest in your IT security.

Cybercrime is always on the rise. Organized gangs of criminals will continue to find new ways of taking advantage of small businesses that don’t have the measures or the infrastructure in place to protect themselves. No business is safe unless it takes active measures to protect itself.

Some sectors have more at stake than others. For example, if you work in the financial sector or run a healthcare business, then your customer data is very valuable to any hackers. A data breach could also cost you very dearly.

For this reason, you need an IT support company to take care of your IT security needs.

With the correct remote IT support, you will get a watchful eye on your systems 24/7. This will come from a team that is dedicated to monitoring your systems for an attack.

In addition to watching out for an attack, an IT support technician will be on hand to identify any vulnerabilities in your system infrastructure. If they find anything, they will patch it immediately.

In the event of a major attack, data breach, or if your business falls prey to ransomware, a managed IT support company will be on hand to help you with any damage limitation. Most IT support companies offer a disaster recovery service to help you.

In addition to all of this, your IT support company will keep your systems updated with the very latest antivirus software.


There is no denying that your business needs IT support. From simply making sure that your systems are always up-and-running, through to finding and installing new software that will drive your business forward, there is always a lot that needs to be done.

If you were to hire an IT professional or even a small team to take care of your IT systems, this would cost a lot of money. Often, one of the biggest outgoings a business will have will be through payroll.

When it comes to an IT support company, you will only be paying for the services that you use.

When you hire an IT support company, they will already have the necessary infrastructure in place. There will be no set-up costs involved, and you can piggyback on their already existing, full-trained team.


Your business needs to have a leading edge in everything that it does. To achieve this, it needs to have the latest technology. By using services such as the cloud you will be able to streamline your business allowing you to freely compete with your business rivals.

Whenever there is an update or a new piece of technology that might benefit your business, rest assured, your IT support company will make you aware of it and will be able to facilitate its installation in your business if you want it.


One of the best benefits of hiring an IT support company is that you will get the expert help that you need for your business. Often, you will be paying for decades worth of combined experience. From an HR point of view, this is great value for money.


What is IT support? IT support will help your business with everything to do with your IT needs. This will include looking after your IT security and setting you up with new software.

If you are looking for IT support for your business, contact us today.