Acquisitions are an important part of our business model for future growth.  We continue to seek companies who supply innovative solutions and technologies that can increase our customers’ productivity and demonstrate extraordinary performance in sales, marketing and service.

The acquisitions team at Visual Edge Technology is devoted to identifying and examining potential acquisition candidates that add value to our portfolio of companies. Ideal candidates are technology and office solution-based companies that are leaders in their market delivering outstanding customer service and support. We look for strong local management teams that have the potential to carry our vision and mission forward. We leverage local success and bring efficiencies through our existing corporate administration to increase the market share and profitability of each of our companies.


We understand what you have put into your business to make it the success it is. Your staff and customer relationships are one of your most valuable assets and our entire acquisition process is centered on maintaining and building on those elements that have made your business unique and a success.

There are many variables that go into assessing the value of a business for our portfolio including market position, vendor and customer relationships, experienced, committed management teams, reputation and growth potential. In addition to business and market analysis, our team performs detailed financial analyses, valuations, and due diligence prior to every transaction.


If the time has come for you to sell your business, we welcome the opportunity to take a closer look at your success in the marketplace and financials.  We understand the need for discretion and please be assured that all communications are strictly confidential.

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