Fun Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Whether you are planning to visit Orlando, Florida or live here, there are a lot of great things to do during your stay. You can experience the magical wonders of Disney World, enjoy the beautiful beaches, or check out the many other exciting attractions that Orlando has to offer.

Walt Disney World

Located in Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World is a world-famous amusement park. The park is comprised of four major theme parks and a retail and dining district. There are also two water parks and a 9-hole golf course. Whether you are looking for family fun, dining, or golf, you are sure to find it at Disney World.

The Walt Disney World theme park opened in 1971. The first guest to enter the park was Mickey Mouse. In the following years, the park added several attractions for children. Today, it is the largest amusement park in the United States.

During the first two years of operation, Walt Disney World received over 20 million visitors. The park consists of four main theme parks and two water parks. It also features 27-theme resort hotels.

Sea World

Located in Orlando, Florida, Sea World Orlando is an aquatic-themed park that features top-notch rides, shows, and animal encounters. Visitors can also explore the park’s neighborhood attractions. The park also has a mobile app that will show visitors all the attractions and restaurants within the park. The app also includes an interactive map that helps visitors navigate the park’s many pathways. The app will even let visitors order food from one of Sea World’s many restaurants.

Sea World Orlando also has a new coaster, which is currently under construction. This new ride, which is not yet open, will be the first multi-directional launch coaster in Florida. The construction is visible from the outside of the park.



Exotic Animal Experience

Located in Orlando, Florida, the Exotic Animal Experience offers visitors a hands on experience with exotic animals. Unlike a traditional zoo, these creatures are raised from infancy and are allowed to interact with their human counterparts.

The Exotic Animal Experience offers multiple packages to suit your budget. This includes a one-hour night shine experience, a private tour, and an interactive tour of the grounds. The Animal Nutrition Center prepares three tons of food daily. It also has the largest animal-care staff in Orlando, with more than three dozen employees.

The Exotic Animal Experience also offers something for the kids. This includes a birthday party package. They also offer interactive group tours. The ultimate experience involves two hours of close interaction with exotic animals.

Fun Spot

Located on the North end of International Drive, Fun Spot Orlando is part of the Fun Spot America Theme Parks. It has four multi-level tracks, a couple of go-kart tracks, and several rides for the thrill seekers. It also has a surprisingly good value with its annual pass.

The park has a number of impressive attractions, including the Freedom Flyer, a steel coaster that holds the distinction of being Orlando’s tallest. Fun Spot also has an impressive collection of go karts, which feature hairpin turns, steep hills, and speed control.

The park has also got a decent number of thrill rides, including the SkyCoaster, which mixes hang gliding and skydiving into one neat package.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Located in Orlando, Florida, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Orlando is a family attraction filled with unique artifacts and unusual displays. The attraction features thousands of fascinating artifacts and oddities from around the world. You’ll find everything from a ten-foot segment of the Berlin Wall to a human-shrunken head.

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not franchise is a worldwide success. In addition to museums and family attractions, the franchise has produced a television series and a book series.

The first museum was opened in Chicago in 1932. The first episode of the television series was broadcast on March 1, 1949. Ripley died of a heart attack on May 27, 1949. After his death, Doug Storer took over the show.

Lake Eola Park

Located near downtown Orlando, Florida, Lake Eola Park is a 44-acre landscaped oasis with many fun-filled attractions and activities. Lake Eola is a popular place for a picnic or to attend a special event.

The first fountain on Lake Eola became a postcard focal point, and the City of Orlando was able to build the first fountain for just $10,000 in 1912. The sinkhole on the land was caused by a natural aquifer that hid 200 feet below the surface. Water from the aquifer filled the sinkhole, creating the beautiful lake.

Visitors can rent paddle boats to tour the lake. These boats seat five people and cost $15 per half hour. You can also rent pedal boats that can hold up to four people. The best time to visit Lake Eola is early in the morning. This is the best time to avoid Florida afternoon heat and thunderstorms.