Delphi Indiana Attractions

Located in the northwest corner of Indiana, Delphi is a small town known for its beautiful natural environment. A variety of attractions await you here, including a bayou, a historical trail, and a Wabash & Erie Canal park and interpretive center.

Historical Trails

Whether you are interested in bird watching, hiking, cycling, or cross-country skiing, you will find the Delphi Historical Trails system perfect for you. These trails wind through the historic town of Delphi, Indiana.

These trails are a part of a 10-mile system of historic trails in the area. They feature paths made of crushed limestone. The trails pass by several interesting sites. The trails also follow the old railroad corridors of the Wabash and Erie Canal.

There are three main areas for hiking and biking. One is located at the east edge of Delphi. The other two are located along the Wabash River. During the summer months, the trails are packed with visitors.

Bayou of Delphi

During the mid-1800s, Delphi was a boom town. It was located at the intersection of two rivers, the Wabash and the Erie. At one point, the town had a population of over 5,000. The city was considered one of the largest in the state. Its name was derived from the creek that ran through the town. The town was a thriving trading center for the period.

Among its more notable inhabitants were Aaron Dewey, Joseph Dunham and William George. The town was a nexus for trade, and was the terminus of the nifty long canal that connected Delphi to Toledo, Ohio and the great lakes.

Wabash & Erie Canal Park and Interpretive Center

Located in Delphi, Indiana, the Wabash & Erie Canal Park and Interpretive Center is a heritage tourism attraction that features replica canal boats. The center opened in 2004 and has attracted thousands of visitors to the area. There are also interactive exhibits that explain the history of the Canal.

In addition to the Wabash & Erie Canal, Delphi is home to several other heritage attractions. The downtown area is a National Register Historic District and contains many architecturally significant buildings. The area features shops, restaurants, and a performing arts venue.

The area is also known as the Technology Corridor and promotes entrepreneurial activities and technological innovation. The Delphi Opera House, a 19th-century building, is an event venue that hosts dozens of events each year.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Located on Monument Circle, the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a 284-foot-tall neoclassical monument. This memorial is a tribute to American veterans who served in the Civil War and the Korean War. It is the oldest monument in the state.

The monument is a symbol of Indiana’s rich history. It is located on the southeast corner of the courthouse square in Delphi. It is one of the largest and most prominent monuments in the state. It is a part of the Carroll County Courthouse Historic District.

The monument is a combination of a solid granite base and a bronze figural sculpture. The sculpture features a color bearer from the American Civil War. The color bearer stands on a masonry base and holds a staff with a furled flag in both hands. He is surrounded by military medals and mortar shells.