Millington TN – A Great City For Families With Young Children

Located in the Memphis metropolitan area, Millington TN is a city with an abundance of natural beauty. The city is also home to an array of restaurants and shopping malls. The city also features a variety of different parks and splash parks that are perfect for a family with young children.


Located in Shelby County Tennessee, Millington is the 60th largest city in the state. The population of the city was 10,664 in 2020. It is estimated that 3.1k residents were Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) and 585 were Other (Hispanic).

The population of Millington has been increasing at a rate of 0.13% per year. The median age of the city’s residents is 39.5 years old. The unemployment rate in the city is 3.5%.

The median household income in Millington is $51,728. This is slightly lower than the average income for Tennessee and the United States as a whole.


Located in Shelby County, Tennessee, Millington is the 60th largest city in the state. Its population has increased by 0.13% since the most recent census. The city was incorporated in 1903.

Millington is home to several large organizations. The United States Navy Base is just east of the city limits. In addition to providing housing, the Naval Reserve Air Base is also known for training aviation cadets. The base has also been home to several businesses.

Millington has a large population of former military personnel who are now raising families in the city. Many people served in the Vietnam War and other wars.

Homes for sale

Located in Shelby County, Millington is a great place to raise a family. During warmer months, the city puts on several festivals. Some of the more notable ones include the ol’ BBQ fall fest. Besides the obvious name brand restaurants, the city offers a host of quaint boutiques, local boutiques and breweries. If you’re in the market for a new place to call home, Millington is worth a look. The city is not as crowded as its neighbors, and is easy to commute to via Interstate 65. The city is also home to several universities, including Tennessee State University and Middle Tennessee State University.

Location in the Memphis Metropolitan Area

Located in the Memphis metropolitan area, Millington, Tennessee is a small city with a lot to offer. Millington is part of Shelby County and is known as the “Flag City of Tennessee”.

The city is named after George Millington who donated land for settlement in 1878. The Tennessee State Legislature named Millington “Flag City of Tennessee” in 2006. Besides being named a “Flag City”, Millington is also known for its air shows.

Millington is also home to several military bases. One of the bases is Naval Support Activity Mid-South (NAS), which was re-designated in 1995.

Splash Park

Located on the grounds of the Naval Support Activity Mid-South, the Splash Park – Navy MWR Mid-South is a newer addition to the Navy family. The site has a number of amenities including a covered area, a soda machine, and a few water fountains. The splash park is targeted to children 8 and younger.

The splash park also boasts a few notable features, including an impressive array of the latest in aquatic technology. In addition to the splash pad, the park also features a separate kids’ pool, a swimming pool with water features, a lazy river, and several shaded areas. This park is also the perfect place to have a summer birthday party.

Old Millington Winery

Located just 14 miles northwest of downtown Memphis, the Old Millington Winery invites you to sample the award-winning wines they produce. You can choose from a selection of local wines, and they are all priced at a very reasonable rate. The winery is also host to live outdoor concerts from April through October. Occasionally, local and international talent will perform at the venue.

The winery is located at a privately owned venue, and the owners make it a point to invite visitors to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and enjoy the wines they produce.